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Target Vs Sales Management

Every company invests in training of their sales team to improve their marketing skills and grow business as per expectations. But target is best option to improve company growth otherwise without direction no one have serious approach toward their job. Set your target and let the sales team to achieve with better marketing strategies. SFA offers better options and utilities for target and sales management.

Target Vs Sales

Facts of Target and Sales Management Solution of SFA :

  • Options As per need – every company has tl change their marketing policies according to market compitition and time, SFA offers multiple type of target management as per customer need.
  • Annual Target Solution – From the admin panel you can assign company target as per policy than bifurcate in their respective sales team.
  • Monthly Target – Some companies prefer monthly based target and assign as per market scenario to achieve more profitability.
  • Product Wise Target – companies are free to assign product or value wise target to their sales team as some company play in volume games and others are in amount games.
  • Hierarchy Wise Target – SFA automatically calculate the hierarchy wise target as per team positions.
  • Target Vs Primary Vs Secondary – There are lots of reports available where you can analyze complete company growth and profitability at a glance.