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Stock Management

Product stock management is most crucial thing to manage for pharma and fmcg companies as there is fear of loss of business as well as expiry issues. Most of the sales representatives and managers manipulate stock for their incentives and targets but it cost to company heavily. SFA Stock management helps to control these kinds of issue with stock management module.

Stock Management

Customized Stcok Management Solution :

All the companies have different kind of policy to manage their stock and SFA provides customized solution so that no need to change the pattern of management. All the companies can use stock management in SFA Software with daily, weekly, monthly update options through web version and mobile app. There are many types of locking help the company to get updated with current stock present at stockist end.

Utilities of Stock Management :

  • Locking system helps the companies to get real time stock solution.
  • All employees have authorities to update their parties stock on daily, monthly and weekly basis on App also.
  • Various kind of stock reports helps company to analyze and can take action for wrong doings.
  • Direct Upload solution help company to fetch data from software as most of stockiest uses different kinds of billing software and there is no connectivity between company and stockiest.