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Secondary Sales Management

Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies have changed their guard against stock and sales analysis as of now only secondary sales is the prime concern for every company. But there is big challenge to get connected with every distributor to centralized system as most of the stockiest deals in multiple brands and using different kinds of system to manage their billing. With the mind of same challenges, SFA has developed unique solution to track secondary sales for better analysis of sales performances of every employee.

s Secondary Sales Tracking

Secondary Sales Tracking Utilities :

  • Analytical Reports – SFA has developed lots of analytical reports for companies as per their need and every company prefers their own reports to evaluate.
  • Order Booking Vs Sales – It helps to find out issues in their sales channel as every single order is important for growth of the company.
  • Distributor and Company connectivity – Connect between party and company helps to get exact secondary sales tracking otherwise there is no way to manage keep track of product sales on monthly basis.
  • Upload Solution – Company can directly upload their secondary sales in the software of all stockiest, no matter which software or system they are using.
  • Manual Secondary Sales Upload – Many companies prefer to enter secondary sales through head office only. Here SFA modules have customized upload option as per company need.