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Retailer Management

Retailer Management Module helps sales force company to manage all kinds of sales and promotional activity through latest Android app and online version. Retailers are the most significant factor to reach customers and grow sales. A good relation with retailer always beneficial for business growth without investing heavily on gifts.

Retailer Sale Management

Utilities of Retailer Management: :

  • Employee has the facility to add their new retailer through his own panel and gets approved by managers or admin.
  • Retailer Visit Detail – Employee can submit their daily retailers visit details by web and app as per company policy.
  • Retailer Order Booking – With a simple form employee and managers can feed their product order booking by web and App.
  • Retailer Party Mapping – Admin or employee can map their retailers and party for better order flow.
  • Retailer Sales Analysis – Retailer sales upload option helps the companies to analyze actual sales analysis of every employee.
  • Manual Sales Feeding – As per party statement, data entry employee can feed their monthly statement in software.