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Order Booking Software

Timely order booking helps companies to grow their presence in the market. SFA Reporting offers real time order booking app to FMCG and Pharma companies for better sales growth. Now time has changed as every human being is on smart phone and order booking software is the perfect solution to reduce the delay in booking.

Order Booking App

How the Order Booking Software Helps?

SFA Order Booking System is a centralized cloud based system that channelize all sales order through company hierarchy and helps every sales person to post their order in real time. Also, can have the facility to get approval in seconds. All market executives work on their android app to place their retailers order.

  • Potential Solution – Sometime order booking system on paper delays the delivery as every executive need to submit their deeds in evening or next morning.
  • No order Loss – Real time submission helps to curb the order loss issues.
  • Anytime Anywhere – Offline and online app helps them to punch their booking anytime anywhere.
  • Order In Seconds – No need to write down through pen or paper just put the quantity in single window. And punch to centralize system.