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Offline Tracking & Reporting App

No need to use any kind of tracking devices for your field force as SFA provides unique solution with that your field force also like to work flawlessly. Totally offline tracking and reporting app is used by many top companies all around the world as there is no need of internet during day jobs.

Offline Tracking App SFA

What is Offline Tracking?

Offline Tracking App is an Android App with lots of functionalities and it is used by field force companies for their field works. The App works without internet and need only activated GPS in their android mobile or tablet. Very small in size and consume very less storage space makes it ultimate solution for the companies.

Why you need Offline Reporting App?

Managing field force and their activities is a typical job for any company as there are lots of manipulations done by the field force in their daily routine work and that results in companies to use technical hand that can stop their manipulations. Offline Tracking and Reporting app from SFA Reporting effectively stops all false doing as offline reporting tool not only capture their locations but also compile their full day route in offline mode without consuming much storage and bandwith. .

How the Offline Tracking App Works :

Any field force company can use offline tool in their organization without investing high cost as there is no need to buy the devices, hosting, domains and etc. Just install the app in employee’s smart phone and ask them to start feeding their daily routine work through same app with secure user name and password.