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Live Location Tracking

Most of the field force companies have their own marketing policies and adopt technical solution as per their need to implement policies more effectively. If you need live tracking for your field force then SFA can be a good option as it not only provides live employee tracking solution but also helps you to track their actual planning and deviated execution in one window without any delay.

Live GPS Location Tracking

Real Time Tracking Vs Live Location Tracking?

There is no difference between both as both of them need live GPS and Internet access to track actual location of an employee or device. If any of them is not in the running mode then it would not help you to track in real time. We need to understand live location tracking system in deep. App gather axix records with the help of GPS and store in small size of Database in mobile and sent the same records to server automatically in seconds as soon as app gets internet access.

Customised Reports of Live Location Tracking :

SFA Reporting prefers to provide customized solution to all kind of companies as per their need. Various types of reports can be generated / managed through respective panel to get the exact picture of an employee working in field.

  • Hierarchy Wise Reports Access – Company can decide report view as per their team hierarchy.
  • On call customization – If company needs some customized reports on the basis of Live Location Tracking; SFA can do as per their need.