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GPS Location Tracking

SFA offers a real time solution for tracking of cell phone and tablets with latest GPS tracker technologies. Most of the pharma and FMCG companies suffer due to fake reporting by the sales team and GPS Location Tracking helps to track their market visits easily. And it is very simple to use that also make it very handy tool.

GPS Users Location Tracking

How the GPS Location Tracking Works?

Every company or user needs a simple solution for their effective marketing and with the mind of same idea, SFA has developed GPS Tracking app with using cutting edge technologies. Mobile and tablets connected to satellites for GPS as per device settings. Devices save the location data on the basis of Lat Long records and simultaneously send same data with the help of internet to the server at the frequency of time, no matter if the internet is working not as data automatically saved in your well designed GPS Location Tracking app and send again to server as it gets connected to the internet.

Start GPS Location Tracking With Simple Process :

Any company can start GPS Tracking services with SFA by using following process:

  • Configure your company account with SFA. There is no setup or server required, just signup an agreement with SFA Reporting with simple process.
  • Update your company details and logo to assign app at Google Playstore.
  • Your Employee will search GPS Tracking App with the name of your company on Google Playstore.
  • Click on install option, it automatically gets download and install in your mobile or tablet.
  • Login with your username and password with one time OTP. Note: you need to activate your GPS while using the app. Now you are ready to use the GPS Location Tracking. For any help, you can use the SFA App Manual for you guidance.
  • Company can view and follow GPS Location of their devices on map and report with complete details as per their convenience. All kinds of analytical reports can be access though their admin panels on mobile and desktops/laptops.