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Field Force Reporting Software

SFA Reporting offers ultimate Field Force Reporting System especially for pharma, FMCG, and Consumer Goods companies. For the last five years, SFA is continuously serving the world's top companies with its field force reporting app with advance and secure technologies.

Field Force Automation

We always respect customer’s suggestions and our most valuable customers have the credits of our huge success, as customization for their companies has made our software ultimate in its class. Check out the module features, utilities and controls of FF Reporting Tool below:

Modules, Features and Utilities of Field Force System:

  • Advance Tour Planning - Monthly Approval Based solution for Executive & Managers.
  • DCR - Daily Call Report for Executive, Managers & Senior Managers along with all options.
  • CRM Sponsorship - Manage Client / Doctor Sponsorship with multiple types like direct transfer, services, tour, cheque and more.
  • RCPA - Module to audit their product presence in market against competitors.
  • Order Booking - Retailer or Chemist order booking through daily report.
  • Expense Management - Executive, Manager and Senior Managers daily expense calculation solution.
  • Stock Management - Monthly weekly stock submission and review solution.
  • Secondary Sales Management - Monthly based secondary compilation solution.
  • Sample Distribution - Track all sample distribution on the basis of daily reports.
  • Gift Distribution - Client Wise, Doctor Wise Gift tracking solution.
  • Doctor Management - Easily manage your doctor list and their activities
  • Retailer / Chemist Management - Manage retailer list and their sales and per stock entry.
  • Target vs Sales - Assign target though one window and analyze their sales on basis of primary or secondary sales
  • Incentive schemes - You can easily maintain incentive schemes along with target and sales.
  • Attendance Management - Auto Attendance solution on the basis of DCRs.
  • Salary Management - Utilities to manage your salary as per company policy.
  • Intra Mailing - You are free to use intra mailing system with file attachments utilities.
  • MIS Reports - As per activities, Software track customized report for inside view.
  • Analytical Reports - More than hundred reports are available in system to analyze all performances.
  • Alerts - On demand solutions for various kinds of alerts and SMS.

Utility controls of Field Force Automation:

  • Tour Locking – Tour automatically gets locked once in gets approved.
  • Tour Submission – Submission control over executive and managers as per company policies.
  • DCR Locking – Automatic DCR Lock as per admin rights.
  • Expense Lock – No expense can be submitted till admin unlock.
  • User Control – Stop user working.
  • List Approval – Admin is the final authority.
  • Expense Approval – Admin finally approves the expense.
  • CRM / Sponsorship – Only admin and higher authorities can view deep inside.