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Expense Management

Expense Management Module helps sales force companies to effortlessly manage all kinds of expense in easy way. Companies are free to use their own formulas for the calculation as per their need. No needs to hire any accountant for expense management as software itself provide calculated expense of complete team at one click.

Expense Management

Utilities of Expense Management :

  • Admin Finalization System – Admin have the final rights to deduct as per need and can finalize after all correction.
  • TA DA Policy – Through admin panel you can create you expense policy and apply as per need. There are various options available to assign the policy as per company directions like employee wise, designation wise, area wise and so on.
  • Approval Based System – As per company Hierarchy, there is approval system to make easy for company to verify every employee expense through their respective managers.
  • Automatic Calculation Solution – At the end of month or even mid of month you can generate expense statement as per need.
  • Employee Expense – Employees can submit their various expenses through app and web on daily basis so that they can claim easily.
  • Manager Expense and Authority – Managers are allowed to submit their variable or other expense through app and web like hotel stay, doctor gift, courier or more. From their respective panels, they are authorized to approve their junior's expense as per company policy.