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eDetailing Solution

SFA Reporting offers eDetailing, a productivity enhancing solution to marketing companies. eDetailing helps the sales team to make better impact in their targeted clients with better visuals.

Smart eDetailing App

What is eDetailing?

E stands for electronic and Detailing means describe information. eDetailing is a simple digital media tool to carry complete product information like features, benefits, compositions, comparisons and etc. Admin can easily upload images, pdf or video files for the product detailing. Representative need to click on button and all necessary product information can be detailed through tablet or mobile. It is one of the best solutions to improve field marketing effectively along with expense control as there is no need to invest in printing of visuals ads.

How to start using eDetailing?

There is no rocket science to start using eDetailing in your organization only need to select perfect services provider and tool that fulfill your requirement as per marketing strategies. SFA eDetailing helps companies to adopt customized solution to enhance their day to day marketing. Check below how you can start eDetailing App Services:

  • Your Team needs a Standard Tablet from reputed company like samsung, lenavo and so on.
  • Go To Google PlayStore and Search your company edeatiling app
  • Install App in your Android tablet or Smart Phone.
  • Login with user name and password, provided by company admin.
  • Andmin need to upload all images and pdf files from administrator panel
  • As per you planning your marketing team select the products and details all about the product to targeted person.
  • Complete information automatically saved as per activity on the app.

Utilities and Working of eDetailing App

  • All marketing representatives their own login details assigned by company admin.
  • It is upto the company to chose the GPS version or Standard Version as there no GPS required in standard version.
  • Both versions work in totally offline mode just need activated GPS if you use the GPS version
  • Just start working with your DCR submission and select the products to be detailed to the targeted clients.
  • One by one slide helps you to detail product easily.
  • As you complete the slide show it automatically submit your DCR on go.