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Benefits with Edetailing App

Every new technology and tools have significant roll to make life smooth and beneficial otherwise there is no need to invest hard earned money. Most of the top level companies understand this theory and invest for the benefits. Similarly eDetailing helps the company to get better outcome without investing more.

eDetailing App Benefits :

  • Save Money- No need to spend money in printing for visual ads. Most of the companies spend lacks of rupees in printing for the formats but only soft images or pdfs are required in eDetailing.
  • Save Tree & Go Green- Paper Free system helps you to save trees as eDetailing is totally electronic media system.
  • Real Time Detailing Solution - You are free to detail the products to anyone anytime in offline mode as there is no need of internet while detailing.
  • Actual Detailing- You can achieve 100% targets as per planning, as every single detailing activity gets captured in the app.
  • Real Time Location Tracking – You can track all of your employees at a glance.
  • eDetailing From the Spot – Employees just need to detail the product from the same spot where the doctor is located which helps the company to control all activities.
  • No Fake Detailing calls – It helps the company to compere actual product interest in the market.
  • Zero Fake Expense – GPS activity helps the company to take total control on Fake expense claim.
  • Auto Acceleration – Your decisions can be implemented in few clicks, it just accelerate the process in seconds.
  • Save More Money – No need to buy SMS packs for daily routine SMS of Tour Alerts and more.