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Doctor Relation Management

SFA Reporting is blessed with guidance of top Leader of Pharma Industry and their experience. Most of pharma industry companies follow their path and SFA is also doing same for their clients but with technical angle.

Every pharmaceutical company needs a mechanism to maintain their activity analysis with fundamentally better probability to improve focus on weak factors and SFA’s Clients are very successful with same tradition to improve their marketing and sales growth with better relation with Doctors and Retailers.

Doctor Relation Management

How can SFA help to Improve Relation with Doctor?

There is very simple concept to improve your relation, just get connected with same doctor whom your employees working for last few month after your approval, most of the companies lacking with concept as medical representatives switch to other companies on frequent basis.

But with SFA, Doctor Relation Management helps to carry forward the same list with new employee also. Lots of doctor or employee activity analysis reports help the company to stay connected directly to Doctor.

Utilities of Doctor Management Module :

  • Doctor Approval System – Hierarchy wise approve system helps the company to manage thousand of doctor very easily.
  • Doctor Survey – Survey through mobile app helps to find out exact picture of business through doctors.
  • Doctor Visit Master – Admin and employee can assign visit frequency to doctors as per their class and category.
  • DOB and DOA Management – Admin and employee can manage their DOB and DOA with their respective panels.
  • Doctor Disparity – You can easily analyze Doctor disparity details hierarchy wise.
  • Business Potential Management – As per their OPD, employee can submit Doctor Business Potential details as per company need.
  • Missed Doctor Analysis – Every user can check multiple reports to analyze monthly or year report like missed Doctor, Monthly visit details, complete coverage, doctor visits vs business and much more.