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Attendance Management App

No need to use any type of attendance management system for their field force as SFA app automatically captures their attendance as per their working. SFA provides android platform app for all kind of marketing companies to manage attendance and field work in real time.

Attendance Management

Facts of Attendance Management :

  • Employee Attendance – As per company policy, every employee can submit their daily report on app or web and system automatically calculate attendance as per thier reports.
  • Manager Attendance – Like employee, managers can also submit their report with same way and their attendance also get generate as per their daily report.
  • Admin – With admin panel, there is an option to check teams attendance and also have the rights to mark leave as per doubts or false reports.
  • Leave Management – Via admin panel, you can assign leave policy as per company need and it automatically calculates in attendance sheet.
  • Holiday Management – Companies are free to submit their yearly holiday list as per need. It will get calculated in attendance sheet.