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Analytical Reports

No expert or specialized person is required to analyze any kind of field force activity report in SFA as automated and smart reports help you to check deep inside with the help of SFA field force analytical solution. Lots of analytically customized reports generate desired overview and conclusive data..

Analytical Reports

Total Field Force Analysis Solution :

  • Daily Call Analysis – Company can access analytical reports on the basis of Daily Call or Visits details like monthly coverage, monthly employee and manager activity, area wise coverage, manager vs employee analysis and much more.
  • Tour Planning Analysis – Tour Deviation, Approved vs Original Tour at a Glance. Tour Comparison and many more reports are available to analyze for company prospective.
  • Expense and Salary Analysis – Employee original expense, Approved By Manager Expense, Finalized Expense, Company Expense, Employee Salary Expense and much more.
  • Stock and Sales Analytical View - Party Wise primary and secondary, monthly primary and secondary, employee wise stock summary, team wise stock statement and lots more you can analyze with SFA.
  • There is much more you can discover with SFA Reporting as it is a totally customized solution.