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Activity Tracking Solution

Field Force Companies hectically manage activities of their employees as there are lots of core issues need to be sort out in quick time and delayed approval or decisions halt productivity of the company. Here, technology can help management team to take full control over all activities with instant decision capability. Which helps companies to boost sales without investing high cost. SFA Reporting offers Employee Activity Tracking solution along with complete sales team management on cloud and Android Devices.

Employee Activity Tracking

What is Activity Tracking?

Activity Tracking App is a wonderful option to centralize complete field force on one platform where activity of all employees can be tracked along with location monitoring in one window. Hierarchy wise approval and activities monitoring makes it very handy tool to take instant decisions and curb the false reporting by the team. Every single visit or order booking stay on radar of GPS Tracking as none of the employee is allowed to work without activating GPS in Activity Tracking App.

Which kind of activities can be tracked through app?

Although you can track every single move of any employee through SFA Activity Tracking solution but focus is on employee location along with work done in whole day:

  • Area Visits – Planning vs Actual analysis can be managed with one go.
  • Visits Tracking – Every single visit to Clients, Doctor, Retailers or Distributors can be monitored.
  • Order Booking – Manage all kind of order booking with simple order form on app.
  • Sample Issue – Sample to Clients, Doctor or retailer can be monitored with location axis.
  • Gift Issue – Gift to Doctor or clients can be easily analyzed with various reports.